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Reciprocity Failure

I seem to shoot a lot of film these days (keeps me interested in photography when I’m not able to photograph the subject matter I’m actually interested in), hence all the film landscape shots!

Recently I discovered the Law of Reciprocity the hard way. Reciprocity failure – defined as the non-linear decrease in light sensitivity (speed) of a film at the extremes of very short and very long exposures times. In real terms this means for long exposures a correction factor must be added to the exposure time in order to correctly expose a scene.

I’ve been shooting a series of pictures of Wellington at night using Fuji Velvia 50. For Velvia 50, any exposures longer than 1 second need to have the exposure times corrected to reflect the Law of Reciprocity. So for a marina lit by a full-moon at f8 with a 30 second exposure, would need a correction of 1 stop. Exposures beyond 32 seconds are not recommended. Being a slide film, Velvia only has an exposure latitude of 1/2 stop meaning that if my exposure is off by more than half a stop, you end up with an image that looks very much like this:

Reciprocity Failure

Chaffers Marina, Wellington under a full moon. Velvia 50 (120 roll) with an exposure of around 30-45 seconds


I was so horrified after paying $50 or so for developing two 120-rolls of Fuji Velvia, I switched to Fuji Provia instead. Reciprocity failure occurs with Provia at exposures longer than 128 seconds. My second attempt at producing a moonlit shot of Chaffers Marina looks like this:

Chaffers Marina, Wellington under a full moon. Fuji Provia (120 roll) stitched panorama.

Chaffers Marina, Wellington under a full moon. Fuji Provia (120 roll) stitched panorama.

I will go back to playing with Velvia now I know what I’m doing!

Makara Beach Sunset

Here are a couple of landscape pics I took over the weekend. It was an awesome summer’s day with the sun shining down on Wellington (and for a change, no wind!) A stones throw West over the hills from Wellington lies Makara Beach. As it was to be a full moon that evening, we headed to Makara for a sunset/moonlight picnic. The pics are fresh out of the camera. I used a polariser and a 2 and 3 stop ND grad filter. It was amazing how much the light change during that short half-hour period between sunset and twilight. The hills of the Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand’s South Island can be seen in  the background.

Makara Beach2 Makara Beach 4 Makara Beach 3 Makara Beach 1 4J5A5563

Wellington South Coast Landscapes

Haven’t been too savvy keeping this blog up-to-date lately, so thought I should make more of an effort. Here’s a couple of landscape pictures I did a wee while ago of Wellington’s rocky South Coast.  Truth be known, sitting in front of a computer for 8-9 hours a day doesn’t overly inspire me to want to stare at a computer  screen outside of work hours (unless it’s an absolute necessity!). Plus, lately a lot of my photography work has involved more of the admin side of photography than that of actually taking photos: fixing (trying to fix) websites, filling out tax forms, organising another exhibition space, researching future projects, fiendishly trying to figure out ways to drum up more photography work, eating lots of homemade croissants and bagels, playing the sax etc…..

This was a stitched panoramic using three images plus a polarising filter to deepen the sky. You can see the effect on the sky of the filter being almost 90 degrees to the sun.

This image was a mixture of several filters: Neutral density, and a couple of grads, plus some heavy dodging and burning in places. The log and the rocks possessed the same luminosity and so required some local contrast adjustments to differentiate between the two.