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Recent Work for English Language Partners New Zealand

Below is some recent work I have produced for refugee and migrant NGO, English Language Partners New Zealand. These images were photographed for the magazine Connecting Cultures and for the organisation’s website.

Rachel and Simon Sonius photographed for Connecting Cultures magazine. Rachel and Simon spent several weeks, tirelessly and selflessly, helping new refugee and migrant families in the Christchurch area during the aftermath of the February 22nd Christchurch earthquake.

Mohammad Ali Amiri photographed for Connecting Cultures magazine. Mohammad, a former Afghan asylum seeker, was one of 438 Afghan asylum seekers rescued from a sinking fishing boat in the Indian Ocean by the cargo ship Tampa in 2001.

Kannha Mao Portraits

Last weekend I shot portraits of Cambodian volunteer, Kannha Mao, at her home in Newlands, Wellington. This was commissioned by English Language Partners New Zealand, for the cover of their magazine, Connecting Cultures. Kannha, wearing a traditional Cambodian dress, stood outside in the rain for an hour so I could get the variety of portraits I needed. Luckily we had just finished when it started to pour down!


Front cover of English Language Partners Connecting Cultures magazine.

English Language Partners New Zealand

A few weeks ago, I was commissioned to photograph the  farewell dinner of the CEO of English Language Partners New Zealand, Clare Szabo. Here is a selection of photographs from that night.