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Only four weeks to go…

Second blog post in a year…woohoo…go me! It’s been a long, four year journey creating this portrait project, but now I’m finally, nearly THERE. Only four weeks to go until the Kink portraits (all 12 of them) are exhibited at Brunswick Street Gallery (BSG) in Melbourne, Australia. If you happen to be in Melbourne between the 14 and 27 October, take a tour of the suburb of Fitzroy, and check out the many great exhibitions being hosted at BSG.

For all of y’all out there wondering what the hell ‘Kink” is (you’ll probably get it from looking at the pic below!), I promise to create a blog post about the project, along with all 12 images very soon, once I’ve finished prepping for the exhibition. In the mean time, here’s a shot of my mug with some of the exhibition prints:



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