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Broccoflower Broccoflower

The above images are of the virus that’s been occupying my lungs and invading my bronchioles for the past nine days and were taken using an electron-microscope…………or at least they could be. They look remarkably similar to the virus in my imagination! It’s actually one of these……


……….a Romanesco broccoli, which is a cross between a cauliflower and a broccoli. They possess a fascinating fractal structure where the buds form repeating, self-similar spiral patterns. Anyway, the reason I shot this was to test my new lens: a Canon 100mm 2.8 macro. I bought this lens primarily to digitise negatives (although this still remains to be tested), as it seemed like a viable alternative to buying a cheap scanner for achieving high quality, digitised negatives (albeit probably more time-consuming). Turns out its also good for macro and portraiture! So you’ll be seeing more macro shots in the future. Below are a couple more shots of my old laptop hard-drive. Note that it’s probably a good idea to clean the dirt off of any objects before attempting to take macro images!

Macro Electronics Macro Electronics

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