Press Photographer and Photojournalist

A few more pics from the Voigtlander…….

It’s been a while see I lasted posted anything. I have been working honest. I’ve been very busy developing two large projects – one portraiture and the other documentary – which are taking a rather large amount of time making contacts and organising shoots. More on this soon so watch this space…….In the meantime, here are a few images collected with my trusty Voigtlander Bessa R3A rangefinder. I carry this camera everywhere I go (it’s smaller and far lighter than the DSLR) just in case I come across something interesting……..

000007 000008 000018 000025 000030 000031 49040003Yashica copy 49040011Yashica copy 72510011 cropB&W 72510019 72510025 72510030 72510032 72510033 copyB&W 72510034 72510036 72510037

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