Press Photographer and Photojournalist

Makara Beach Sunset

Here are a couple of landscape pics I took over the weekend. It was an awesome summer’s day with the sun shining down on Wellington (and for a change, no wind!) A stones throw West over the hills from Wellington lies Makara Beach. As it was to be a full moon that evening, we headed to Makara for a sunset/moonlight picnic. The pics are fresh out of the camera. I used a polariser and a 2 and 3 stop ND grad filter. It was amazing how much the light change during that short half-hour period between sunset and twilight. The hills of the Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand’s South Island can be seen in  the background.

Makara Beach2 Makara Beach 4 Makara Beach 3 Makara Beach 1 4J5A5563

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