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Unlimited Magazine feature – Ben Fulton

Back in November I was commissioned by Unlimited magazine to produce a portrait of Ben Fulton, owner and founder of Red Witch Guitar Pedals. The plan was to give the portrait the look and feel of a music gig. I also liked the idea of having a wall of guitars in the background. Kudos and BIG Thanks to Hayden Okey, manager of The Rockshop Wellington for allowing me to occupy his shop for an hour while shooting these pictures. The shots were reasonably straight forward to set up, due to the fact that I had previously taken an ambient light reading from the shop on a previous visit (ambient light levels not varying greatly on a day-to-day basis) and played with the lighting set-up in my living room on the evening before the shoot. I arrived 15 minutes early to ensure all my equipment was set-up and ready to roll when Ben arrived.

Ben Fulton Ben Fulton Ben Fulton Ben Fulton Ben Fulton Ben Fulton

Ben Fulton Tearsheet

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