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Fishhead Magazine Bureaucrats Feature Blended Images

I’ve been a bit quite on the blog front over the past few weeks. I have been shooting more freelance work for the magazine but as the magazine is not published yet, I cannot post these pics on the blog as yet. I  will also be posting a few more landscape photographs of Wellington’s South Coast (fingers crossed, hopefully this weekend) once I have gotten around to editing them. Sadly my laptop is old and very very slow and struggles to run Photoshop at the best of times. I think you can judge the age of a laptop by its uniform thickness. Mine is a good inch and a half think all the way through, baby. So it’s pretty old! Hopefully in the coming weeks I should be able to afford a laptop upgrade (woohoo!).

In the mean time I have been doggedly pursuing Photoshop tutorials (as and when the laptop allows),  so I thought  I would finally learn how to blend together the images from the Fishhead feature on Bureaucrats and their Hobbies. See the blended images for that assignment below:


Twenty-four-year-old Bailey McCormack poses for a portrait in the office where she works as a media broadcast monitor. McCormack, who studied theater and politics and Victoria University, adopts her burlesque persona, Fanciforia Foxglove, when she gives performances at the likes of Carousel Cabaret and Dr Sketchy, at Mighty Mighty.

ACC Insurance Risk manager Shelly Wilton is chairperson of the Richter City Roller Derby league and plays for Wellington-based team, Comic Slams under the pseudonym, Heidi Contagious.

Director of The Office of Ethnic Affairs at the Ministry for Internal Affairs, Mervin Singham, masquerade’s as an expressionist, abstract painter during his spare time.





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