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Unlimited Magazine Chris Parkin Museum Hotel Portrait

Another “back in July” moment. I had planned to post these photos on here weeks ago, but sadly I forgot all about them until now. This was a commission for Unlimited magazine to produce portraits of Museum Hotel owner Chris Parkin. The brief was that the space was to be more prominent or representative in the frame than the sitter. Hence the reason why Chris occupies a small portion of the frame. This series of images were shot about 7am shortly after first light, and a little over an hour before I was due at work! I chose not to use flash for these images (with the exception of one where little ambient light was falling on Chris’s face), as this would have ruined the ambiance created by the lighting within the space. Plus trying to set-up multiple flashes in three locations would have been rather time-consuming. Below are the three different portraits of Chris, along with some of the artworks (to be used as space fillers) which Chris and the Museum Hotel are renowned for.

Chris Parkin, owner of the Museum Hotel in Wellington, sits in the lobby with a portrait of Willie Nelson by Stephen Martyn Welch.

A Peacock with its illustrious feathers; one of the many works on display at the Museum Hotel.

Rosa’s Dad by Stephen Martyn Welch; one of the many works on display at the Museum Hotel.

This is how the image was laid out in the magazine.

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