Press Photographer and Photojournalist

Wellington South Coast Landscapes

Haven’t been too savvy keeping this blog up-to-date lately, so thought I should make more of an effort. Here’s a couple of landscape pictures I did a wee while ago of Wellington’s rocky South Coast.  Truth be known, sitting in front of a computer for 8-9 hours a day doesn’t overly inspire me to want to stare at a computer  screen outside of work hours (unless it’s an absolute necessity!). Plus, lately a lot of my photography work has involved more of the admin side of photography than that of actually taking photos: fixing (trying to fix) websites, filling out tax forms, organising another exhibition space, researching future projects, fiendishly trying to figure out ways to drum up more photography work, eating lots of homemade croissants and bagels, playing the sax etc…..

This was a stitched panoramic using three images plus a polarising filter to deepen the sky. You can see the effect on the sky of the filter being almost 90 degrees to the sun.

This image was a mixture of several filters: Neutral density, and a couple of grads, plus some heavy dodging and burning in places. The log and the rocks possessed the same luminosity and so required some local contrast adjustments to differentiate between the two.

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