Press Photographer and Photojournalist

Wellington Street Photography

I’ve been planning to add some Street style photos for a while. I was hoping to upload them all together, but seeing as it’s already taken me 18 months to edit these two pictures, I’ll just gradually add them when I find a spare five minutes!

Wellington Harbour Market

I love the vegetable growers at Wellington harbour market. These guys make smoking look like an Olympic sport!

Old El Che!

Some images of the ill-fated Ernesto’s Cuba Street cafe. A Wellington icon until last years Christchurch earthquake which gave the Wellington City Council the required jolt, and they slapped it with a red sticker!

Builder, Geni Building, Willis Street

Here’s a few more Wellington Street photos which I’ve managed to dig out from the archive!

Portrait of construction worker. Willis Street, Wellington.



Man eating sandwich, city library, Wellington


Tradesman with a paper, Willis Street


Burger King


Lunchtime, Molesworth Street


Conversation, Brooklyn

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